Thursday, October 5, 2017

Little Book of Bible Stories by Jean Fischer

This lovely little book is filled with adorable Precious Moments characters that will delight the hearts of young and old.  Little ones will enjoy holding their very own Bible story board book with easy to turn pages.  Parents will appreciate the durability and beautifully depicted Bible stories on each page.  Stories from Creation to Jesus resurrection are told in clear, simple language yet with enough description to make the story interesting.  Each story has two pages.  Page one is the story.  Page two is the illustration with a short poem or prayer and Bible verse to emphasis the Bible story.  Illustrations have lots of color and cute details such as baby birds in nests and lambs with shepherd boys.  There are multi-cultural children included in the illustrations.  Jesus is illustrated with olive toned skin.  Throughout the book Precious Moment children are shown in modern day settings and in Bible story time frames.  The scriptures included can be used to help a child begin to memorize short passages of scripture.   Whimsical yet with deep spiritual truths - this book is perfect to help your child know the Bible stories in a more personal way.  It can be used in children's church or church schools as devotional readings or at home for family worship or at bedtime before you tuck your little one goodnight.

I received this book from Booklook publishers but was not required to write a positive review.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fierce Hearted by Holley Gerth

What I really enjoy about this book by Holley Gerth is it doesn't feel like a book.  It feels like a convesation with a trusted friend.  The title is perfect!  And the cover artwork is beautifully matched with this title.  Each chapter begins with a profound quote by other authors.  Then Ms Gerth begins to tell a story.  These stories are pieces of her life that she's woven into a meaningful worship thought.  Her idea of being fierce hearted is deeply spiritually based.  She shows how God can work through our self-doubt, trials and even the cruelty of others to help us have hearts that are confident, brave and not afraid to love.  This is so much more than a devotional book.  It is a book that can help you begin a self discovery journey with the Lord as your guide.

I received this book from Revell publishers but was not required to write a positive review.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Start Where You Are - Notecards by Mera Lee Patel

The Start Where You Are notecards are companions to the book Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel.  You don't have to have read the book to enjoy these fabulous notecards!  Each card appears as if it were hand crafted just for you or someone you know.  The water colors are beautiful and soothing.  Each card has a quote from a poet or author.  The art work enhances the message on each card.   The decorated envelopes are a classy touch.  The creator of these notecards chose with care and wisdom the words she placed on each notecard.  The quotes are deeply moving and ones that will sit in your heart and dwell there long after you have sent the card on to a friend.  Perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Very Thankful Prayer by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

The book is a sturdy square shaped board book.  Cover has shiny, foil leaves in autumn colors.  A little rabbit riding a bicycle with a dog in the basket graces the cover.  Rabbit and dog are dressed in sweaters, scarves and hats with pom poms.  The verse to the book is written in rhymes.  Each page focus on a different aspect of thankfulness.  Various animals are shown doing different activities in which they are thankful.  Rabbit wakes up on a carrot quilt and is thankful for morning. A bear, cat, olw, badger and mouse play together happily at the playground and are thankful for wooly scarves.  A mouse family rakes leaves and delights in fall colors.  Squirrels help a farmer harvest corn.  A bear cub is thankful for love in his family.  A group of rabbits gather pumpkins.  Puppy, kitten and ducks are thankful for their friendship.  Foxes climb ladders to reach apples for apple pie.  A cat family celebrates thanksgiving around a table laden with food.  A deer, raccoon and penguin roast marshmallows around a bonfire under the moon and stars.  The book ends with verse on thankfulness in being able to help others and recognizing God as the giver of all things.  The illustrations throughout the book are detailed and delightful.  The animals are adorable and each scene is interesting and exudes warmth and love.

I received this book from booklook and was not required to write a positive review.

The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This story draws us deep into a dark period of America's history as white settlers and Native Americans fight for the same land.  It was a time of intense unrest, distrust and often violence.  The characters in this book come from both sides of the line drawn by this turbulence.  Beware for there are graphic depictions of the savagery inflicted by one upon another.  The author did an excellent of showing that you cannot lump all people into one kettle.  There were good and bad in each culture as well as innocents who paid the price for those who were bent on evil.  Through her riveting story of love, loss, betrayal, reunion and restoration she weaves together a brilliant revelation of what it was like to live during those years.  Through the characters' self reflection and self revelation we begin to understand the immense struggle for peace and justice.  She also taps on our hearts for a deeper level of compassion and forgiveness and self-sacrifice for others.

I received this book from Revell and was not required to write a positive review.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Tea Planter's Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Dinah Jefferies has created a heart twister of a tale.  Fascinating historical facts are revealed in the pathos of one woman's life as  a tea planter's wife.  She leaves England for a life in Ceylon where nothing is familiar and secrets have been kept with horrendous consequences to all.  The interpersonal relationships between Gwen, her husband Laurence, his sister Verity and former love interest Christine all bring to a boil hidden rages, jealousies and anguishes.  The past connects with the present in explosive, shocking revelations that will change everything.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall

While Gathering the Threads is the third book in The Amish of Summer Grove you don't have to read the first two books to enjoy this book.  The author gives a detailed summary of the other two books at the beginning of this book to "catch you up".  However, this whole series is so good you will want to read book 1 and book 2.  In Gathering the Threads we find Ariana and Skylar still trying to navigate their emotions and beliefs.  There's a lot of deep family interpersonal drama as well as a mystery or two to untangle.  I really appreciate that the author takes time to develop each character and the various situations throughout the book.  When Ariana is faced with a dilemna it is thoroughly investigated from different angles.  You feel her turmoil and angst.  You root for her as she braves new patterns in her thinking, emotional responses and actions.  This is not a "typical" Amish book.  It is just brimming with deep and riveting dialogue that will touch and maybe even change your heart. Unusual and yet realistic situations arisen to challenge everything Ariana once thought were rock solid beliefs.