Friday, November 18, 2016

NIV Journal the Word Bible

A lovely and practice idea!  This Bible comes with broad margins that are very fainted lined so you can write your notes to Scripture right in your Bible.  Whether it's notes from a sermon, Bible study group or your own personal studies, thoughts or prayers this is a wonderful idea.  I really like the faint lines because it doesn't make it look like a book you'd have in school.  It still appears as the Bible only you now can write in the border.  The lines help you write straight and space your sentences.  The cover of the Bible is really beautiful and has great eye appeal.  I also like the texture of the cover that is soft material over a hardbound book.  This Bible would be a perfect one to use in a group Bible study.  It would also be helpful for a new believer who wanted to add verses that correlated with others in a theme or even questions they wished to ask a pastor.  It is equally useful for teenagers or adults.  An added bonus is a handy table of weights and measures in the back pages to help the reader understand Biblical terms for weights and measurements.

I received this book free from the publishers.

Love Letters from God Holy Bible

Wow!  Glenys Nellist has done it again!  This is an amazingly, awesome, beautiful study Bible for young people.  Words cannot do it justice!  Not only are the illustrations magnificent but the "letters" from God really reach your heart.  If you've seen the picture books Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist you'll totally love this Bible.  Even if you have never heard of the picture books this Bible is sure to woo your heart.  Throughout the Bible there are "letters" from God speaking to the child and relating the Bible passage to modern day events or discussing feelings child might have.  Included in this Bible are prompts for children to "journal" or write back to God and express their thoughts and ideas and emotions.  The prompts are very creative and in different ways helps the help express himself.  Sometimes they are asked to make a drawing or do an activity and other times it is simply a written message back to God.  The back cover says this Bible is written at the third grade level but as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed reading the special messages throughout this Bible and older children would benefit from the rich spiritual messages throughout the "letters" from God.  It is a wonderful tool to help children learn to journal and record their spiritual journey.  This is also a Bible that could be read to younger children and the prompts could be discussed verbally to help younger children who are learning about God and His love.

I received this book free from the publishers.