Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Can Learn The Bible By Holly Hawkins Shivers

This little treasure of a book should be on every Christian parent’s bookshelf.  The book is divided into 52 scriptures.  Each week the focus is on one scripture.  It is meant to be an interactive book for parents and their children.  Each week focuses on a scripture that the child will memorize.  On the first day parents read the devotional with the child and the child repeats the scripture after the parent.  The second day the child will start to memorize the first part of the scripture.  Parents will take time to discuss the meaning of this phrase with their child.  On the third day the family moves on to the middle part of the verse.  The child will add the first and middle parts together and try reciting this portion of the scripture.  The family together explores understanding of the scripture.  The fourth day is for memorizing the last part of the scripture and for asking questions.  The fifth day the devotional should be reread and the child recite the entire scripture.  The sixth and seventh days is a review day.  This pattern repeats with each weekly scripture.  The devotionals are filled with down-to-earth, child friendly stories that help the scripture become meaningful to young children.  The endearing illustrations add kid-appeal to every page.  The lessons instilled through this book make it a value to every Christian home.

I received this book from the publishers and was not required to write a positive review.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If he has faith, I can too!

The power of Unstoppable Faith by NIck Vujicic

NIck Vujicic has written a wonderful little booklet that is perfect for giving away to others as a faith testament or for when a seasoned Christian just needs a boost of faith.  

He begins by laying a foundation to a faith filled life by recounting the story of his parents faith journey from the shock of his birth with no limbs to their unwavering faith that God had a plan for their son.  From there he goes on to recount his early childhood and teen years.  He tells the story of his anger at God with brutal honesty.  You will need kleenex handy as you read about his struggles, the bullies he encounter and how he eventually learned to trust God and give his heart and life fully to His service.

Vujicic uses personal accounts as well as Biblical stories to teach lessons on building dreams responsibly, financial security, taking risks God's way, finding purpose in your life and following God's plan.

 I received this book free from booklook and was not required to write a favorable review.