Friday, June 9, 2017

The cover of this recipe book will draw you in immediately.  Beautiful, VIBRANT colors pop out and make you reach out and pick up this book.  You won't be disappointed.  Ms Agrawal introduces her book with a fascinating family history.  She is a lifelong vegetarian who grew up picking fruits and vegetables in India.  This heritage of selecting the best produce and preparing delicious vegetarian meals help lead to her own experimenting and creating recipes.  The book has a section specifially on Indian cooking tips and techniques. She has a section with suggestions on how to fill your pantry to prepare the delicious Indian dishes found in this recipe book.  Ms. Agrawal also has a chapter on which kitchen tools are essential for preparation of her recipes.  The recipes are shown in lovely full color photographs.  Recipes are found in sections:  breakfast/light meals, salad/yogurts, stir-fries/curries, ric/bread, soups/stews/lentils, festive bites/snacks, sweets/drinks, and chutneys/pickles.  A special section is devoted to how to make homemade power spices.  This is a very complete recipe book which includes meal planning and sample menus and where to buy ingredients and equipment.  

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